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About Armenia

A few words about Armenia

Armenia is a country of diversity. Here everything allures you - the history, the culture, places of interest, national cuisine and even the weather. The country is situated snugly among beautiful mountains and the most beautiful meadows.
Trip to this astonishing country will turn into an unforgettable adventure for you. The place grants its guests with rich impressions, as its incomparable nature and hospitable native residents will conquer their hearts starting from the first minute. One, who has once been to Armenia, will never ever be able to forget it. Armenia is the country one will always want to go back to.

Cultural Treasures of Armenia

Armenia is one of the extraordinary countries in the world. It is rich with ancient and remarkable culture. This is the first country (in the world) to adopt Christianity as a State religion in 301 A.D., thanks to Tiridates the third.

Sightseeing places of Armenia

Not only ancient architectural monuments, temples, monasteries, holy places, but also local traditions and customs, the tastiest national cuisine, exclusive products of artisans and unique nature of these places, where the high mounts are merged with deep gorges, forests with semi-deserts and the arid plains with iced caps on mountains will last in tourists’ memory forever.

Armenian Traditions

Armenia managed to save its spiritual wealth-the religion of its ancestors, centuries old culture, national traditions, which are followed both in grief and in joy. These days Armenian traditions such as solid marriage, the respect for older generation, firm connections with relatives, hospitality are all persistently retained. Throughout the world, there are legends about the hospitality of Armenians. For any cheerful occasion there is a big table laid here. Armenians think that the more often you treat others, the more happiness and prosperity will come back to you.

Armenian Cuisine

The history of Armenian culinary is as old as the land where it originated. The meals of Armenian cuisine are delicious and well known. The abundance of meat on the Armenian tables is the result of ancient development of animal husbandry in the Armenian highlands.
Armenian dish Barbecue (Khorovats) originates back to antiquity. Whit this course Armenian national bread Lavash is usually eaten. It is highly evaluable the culture of consuming traditional drinks in Armenia. The most famous alcohol drink is the Armenian cognac made from the selective sorts of grape.

Armenian Music

The important and compound part of the national culture is the Armenian music. It has a special melody filled with splendid ethnic soundings. It is hard to imagine Armenian music without the duduk, which accompanies the life of Armenians since ancient times.

Armenian Nature

When visiting Armenia it is impossible not to enjoy the enchanting and astonishing nature of the country. The deep gorges and high mountains made the Armenian fortresses unapproachable for the enemies. All the beauty of nature was painted by artists, and the honorable views and richness of Armenia was glorified by poets. Armenia’s natural and animal life is unique. In the caring embrace of mother nature rare species of flora and fauna are preserved, which are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Armenia.

“Armenia - a museum under the open sky”

These words of a famous American author Rockwell Kent are more than true. Like any museum Armenia also has unknown treasures. That wealth is not yet entirely discovered not only for tourists but also for Armenians.

National symbols of Armenia

The main symbol of Armenia is the Mount Ararat, the territory where the nation aroused and where the Noah’s ark came to rest after the great flood, it is pictured on the coat of arms of the Republic of Armenia.

Alphabet - one of the most brilliant Armenian symbols, which played the main role in the formation of identification of Armenian nation, is also recognized as one of the most perfect alphabets throughout the world. According to the story, the 36 letters of Armenian alphabet are granted by Gods to Mesrop Mashtots. These letters are used since the 5th century A.D. without any changes.

Duduk - granted us by God. Its expressive, sorrowful and soulful music demonstrates the historical sufferings of the Armenian nation.

Apricot - the symbol of strength and development of the culture, apricot is grown with special love and care. Due to the climate conditions, the apricot has great taste qualities, which is mixed with the Armenian Sun and the winds of Ararat valley. The seeds of apricot are called saint fruits for their multiple helpful substances and it is used both in its natural and dried state. The famous musical instrument duduk is also made of apricot.

Pomegranate - symbolizes fertility and abundance. The color of pomegranate reminds blood and vitality, and the grains are the symbols of procreation. Pomegranate is the main subject (motive) in all of the areas of fine arts.

Grapes - symbolizes abundance, fertility, cheerfulness. According to the Biblical saying when coming out from the ark on the top of the Mount Ararat Noah planted a grapevine, from the harvest of which he received wine.

Khachkar - cross-stones are the symbols of all national culture of Armenia, that you cannot find in any other country of the world. Each khachkar has its own story, ornament, pattern that comes from the depth of centuries. There is not any other country in the world that has used this magnificent path to express its faith in God.

National flag - tricolor. The colors stand for the following: the red color is the symbol of fire and the blood of the nation, the blue one means peace and calmness, and the orange symbolizes the fruit apricot, as it is the true reflexion of Armenian nature.

Coat of arms - is a republic symbol. The colors of the Coat of arms are taken from the colors of the flag of Armenia. The coat of arms elements consist of lion and eagle, which embody pride, wisdom and gratitude. In the middle there is a shield with 4 coat of arms of Armenian dynasty and the Mount Ararat in the centre.

While discovering Armenia we will newly reveal the real image and value of this wondrous country.

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